About Babylon health

Being ill is difficult enough, getting healthcare shouldn’t be.

For many of us getting access to healthcare can be inconvenient or costly. But for some, the problem is more serious: almost 50% of the global population has little access to quality healthcare.

Yet irrespective of where we live, most of us have a mobile phone in our pocket. Our mobiles are getting smarter every year: mobile phones today are a thousand times more capable than they were only 10 years ago and they will be at least a thousand times more powerful in the next ten years. Can you imagine the possibilities?

At babylon, we are combining the latest technology with the knowledge and experience of the best doctors to make healthcare simpler, better, and more accessible and affordable for people everywhere.

Founded in 2013 and launched in April 2014, Royal Albert Hall as part of TED, babylon is a fast growth health tech company. A growing team of entrepreneurial clinicians and product technologists, we are quickly solidifying our position as a market leader, already winner of 3 technology awards !

We are based in London, though have operations in Jersey, Ireland and UK, with growth plans across many of the international regions, including Africa which we are really excited about.

Internally, we operate non-hierarchically, encourage cross team discussion and lead by a highly entrepreneurial and ambitious proven team (check out the team on the website).

Finally, culture - for us, this is a mission and attitude is everything. We set the goals high and set out to beat them. Everyone contributes and has a relentless drive to always improve and beat expectations.

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